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Alternative therapy

Photography and design

The Oxford Street Therapy Centre provides treatment for a very wide range of conditions, using a variety of complementary therapies. My brief was to demonstrate some of those skills, in a way that would convey the experience. One issue I had to overcome, was that many of the therapies, involved the photographing of subjects that don’t always endear. Feet for example are not the most photogenic of subjects, so developing a style that overcame this, was paramount. Consequently I developed a shooting style that would work across variable subjects and ‘pure light’ was my cue. As a child I was always taught, ‘Don’t shoot into the light, stand with your back to it’. However today, with greater sophistication of equipment, one can utilise light almost head on to great effect. This and shallow depth of field, delivered an approach that not only resolved the issues, but produced aesthetically pleasing results. I also designed the ‘Oxford Street Therapy Centre’ branding and print.