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Photography and design

You may see my recent client commissions by clicking on the navigational ‘white arrow head’ alongside ‘Assignments’ above. This is a gallery of graphic work mainly from earlier in my career, whilst based in London. The assignments followed working for ad agency J Walter Thompson, Terence Conran’s design group and innovative London publishers Mitchell Beazley. As a ‘creative’ consultant, I have been commissioned by some of the UK’s most iconic institutions. Amongst many influential clients, I have undertaken projects for the BBC, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Design Council, the National Portrait Gallery and the V&A Museum. My work has been shown in the Swiss graphic publication ‘Graphis’, The ‘Designers & Art Directors’ Annual and ‘Modern Publicity’. I was elected to ‘Fellowship’ status of the ‘Chartered Society of Designers’ in the mid 80’s. And I have been a member of the Chelsea Arts Club since 1985. The following galleries represent more recent design and photography, whilst based in suffolk. I have included a few examples of my own branding as well as double sided flyers. To view much more of my design work including work for those names above, please visit: www.adamb402.sg-host.com. My graphics site was constructed using ‘flash’ around 15 years ago and may not be viewable on a mobile.