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Interior photography

Interior photography is as much a technical experience, as aesthetic skill. And you need to have the right lens, to get right into those corners. But the post-production phase is perhaps the most important, simply because that is where lens distortion can be countered. Once you shoot with a very wide lens, the outer reaches of that image will have, what I call banana distortions.

“All I can say is that these are in a completely different class to the images supplied by our other photographers and I’m really, really delighted with them – over the moon in fact!” Jennifer Shaw, 8th May 2017, Design Director at Kitchenology.

“Absolutely fantastic photos – Brittain’s kitchen looks space age! Brilliant work…Fantastic; the first batch of clients we had are all delighted with their photographs too!“ Stan Shaw, 24th May 2017, Accounts Director at Kitchenology.