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Property photography

Interior and exterior photography

This is a collection of property photography that includes work for a ‘Bed & Breakfast; an ‘Airbnb’; an Estate Agent; and a Kitchen installation specialist. Each requires a slightly different emphasis, since the agenda for each sector is quite specific. An Estate Agent is keen to display, not just the property as it stands, but it’s potential for improvement. And so a blank canvas approach to property photography, devoid of personal possessions, may be preferable. Whilst conversely, a B&B owner may need to immediately communicate its qualities of comfort as well as convenience etc.. Each of the sections of ‘Property photography’, is separated by ‘Title’ page:

A high quality period property where the owners wanted a ‘Home’ portfolio.

A high quality contemporary property where the owners wanted a ‘Home’ portfolio.

A five bedroomed Suffolk B&B with a lodge. My brief was to demonstrate the range of rooms and emphasise the comforts, as well as the cosy styling.

The Burchley House ‘Airbnb’ in Southwold Suffolk, is an 8 bedroomed New England styled house sitting in ample grounds. Scale, style with a hint of decadence were sought, so as to comfortably fit in with the Southwold coastal style.

Estate Agents ‘Templewicks’ are a Suffolk based specialist requiring property photography within the Waveney Valley sector. Dealing primarily in the rental market, they have more recently developed a niche for the sales market. Although the branding was established prior to my involvement, I produced a portfolio of office and staff working portraits. It is worth noting that the staff were not completely comfortable about being portrayed ‘on-line’ or even being photographed. However, the non-confrontational photo style I adopted, together with an assurance they could pick their shots, won the day. With my graphic design experience, I also developed a series of press ads, external banners, as well as a brochure.

The Kitchen photography was commissioned by ‘Kitchenology’ of Bury St. Edmunds, primarily for their magazine marketing campaigns and website. Kitchens may be just an aspect of Property photography, but nevertheless, they are often star of the show: “All I can say is that these are in a completely different class to the images supplied by our other photographers and I’m really, really delighted with them – over the moon in fact!” Jennifer Shaw, 8th May 2017, Design Director at Kitchenology. “Absolutely fantastic photos – Brittain’s kitchen looks space age! Brilliant work…Fantastic; the first batch of clients we had are all delighted with their photographs too!“ Stan Shaw, 24th May 2017, Accounts Director at Kitchenology.

All followed by a few images that I am just pleased to have seen and shot.