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aisle altar hymn!

When photographing a Suffolk Wedding Service, discretion is uppermost. However our main responsibility is that of capturing one of the most important moments in peoples lives. Having two wedding photographers makes this task far more achievable. Whilst one follows the bride, the second wedding photographer can capture the wedding guests arriving in all their finery. This photographer can also liaise with the person presiding over the ceremony, to establish their protocol. One can focus on wedding reportage, details and atmosphere, whilst the other concentrates entirely on the marriage service.

Keeping the event flowing

The only time it is considered acceptable to use flash lighting, is for ‘aisle’ photography. Using available light is a far more realistic and atmospheric, but you need a steady hand. With years of wedding photography experience, you learn to anticipate shots and manoeuvre without disruption. It is so important to be well mannered, as well as remain very much in control of the photography process. Not only to be able to create great wedding images, but also to keep events flowing. We always like to know what has been arranged in advance for a suffolk wedding service, so we are ready and in position. Following the signing of the register and walking down the aisle, it is important to leave the couple to enjoy their moment. Their friends and family will naturally by there to congratulate them, whilst we must take illusive shots. We like to take a few group shots at the suffolk wedding service venue, confetti and perhaps the throwing of the bouquet.

There are traditional wedding ceremony shots which vary, depending on religion and it’s important to research what to expect. For example, at a jewish wedding it starts with the signing of the Ketubah, then Badeken where the groom covers the bride’s face with her veil. There are further traditions that are quite different from English wedding ceremonies, that you would not want to miss.

However as mentioned, Andrew has been photographing Suffolk weddings for many years, and so unsurprisingly has a host of stories:

Suffolk Wedding Service tales

“Here’s a lovely story that’s nothing to do with me, yet Roland assures me it is absolutely true. Many years ago, a young couple were planning to wed at a hotel, local to where I now live in Beccles, Suffolk. At the time, the groom was so without resources, that he could not afford to buy his bride a ring. Cometh the Suffolk Wedding Service moment, the groom placed on his bride’s finger, a curtain ring! However this is only half of the story. As time passed, the hotel by the River Waveney, fell into dreadful decline and remained derelict for many years. Around twenty years ago, a successful property investment company bought the ruin, spent a small fortune and totally resurrected it. The elderly owner of this company was the same resourceful young man, of so many years prior.

This story emanates well beyond Suffolk, in Tunbridge Wells and was quite incredible. I was pre-warned by the couple, that the female vicar was very anti-wedding photography. They really wanted their ceremony photographed, but the vicar was completely against it. Now considering the advice above, I knew this was going to be difficult. I tried all my diplomatic skills when I introduced myself on the day of the wedding, but to no avail. After our short chat, I decided that I would risk grabbing a few images for my clients, but covertly. I was doing really well timing my shots when she looked away and during the wedding hymns. Suddenly she spotted me and shouted without reserve: “How dare you! I specifically told you no photography! If I catch you again I will stop the ceremony and throw you out. I sheepishly lowered my camera and the service continued. When I thought she’d forgotten me, I started again with the couple’s wishes foremost. She spotted me again and this time she was not taking prisoners. Shouting at the top of her voice: “I warned you . . . Get out and leave my church now!” The guests were astonished and the bride and groom, clearly upset knowing I had taken the risk for them. I packed my bag and as I walked towards the door, she continued to tell me off. I halted, turned round and at the top of my voice said: “You have denied this wonderful couple, who expressly wanted their marriage recorded and I wanted to provide these memories. I put my heart and soul into my work and you on the other hand, have just given a drab verbatim service!” To this I was applauded by the whole church. It put a great smile on my face and the exact opposite to my counterpart.

Recently and even further from Suffolk, I was photographing a Polish Wedding in Limanova. The groom, who is a dear friend and big kid, couldn’t resist hiring a helicopter and three rather dashing Maseratis. Limanova, a very quaint provincial town, had clearly never seen a wedding like it. The three drivers dressed in Mafiosa attire, appeared as if on a Scorsese set, after ferrying the key wedding party to the Cathedral. During a hymn, I nipped outside and noticed the wedding Maseratis were parked rather inconspicuously to one side. I had a light bulb moment and decided to rearrange the cars in a far more theatrical formation. On exiting, the congregation were almost stopped in their tracks, by a display more akin to a Red Arrows flyover. And of course, this became the backdrop for more creative set of wedding service images.”

Advice and experiences

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