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Wedding studio

aisle altar hymn!

Uniquely, we offer an impromptu Suffolk wedding studio portraying guests, either individually or in groups, in all their finery. We set up our compact Suffolk wedding studio, close to the heart of the reception, as a fascinating sideshow. Inevitably this unique element to your Suffolk wedding photography, is a source of fun to be enjoyed by all. And of course, everyone has an opportunity to be ‘famous for four minutes’, as they are portrayed in timeless monochrome.

A Suffolk Wedding studio event

Before moving to Suffolk, Andrew gained years of experience running a commercial photography studio in Old Street London. From this, the idea of taking a full lighting rig to a wedding reception, was born. And you can see this unique idea in action, as the final colour shot of the gallery below.

Our wedding photography studio we take to suffolk wedding receptions, is very different to photo booths that provide instant images. It is a professional set up you would expect to see in a commercial studio. Our ethos is, if the guests have made an effort to look their very best, then they deserve a fabulous image. All the images taken by us are given to the brides and grooms in addition to all the photos taken during the day. The Suffolk wedding studio is so much more successful, when it is positioned close to the heart of the reception. And so it becomes almost a sideshow in the carnival of the wedding occasion. Unlike the formal groups, taken previously in the day, anyone can come up and be photographed. Many of our clients have remarked on how the photos, printed and framed, make wonderful gifts for family and friends.

You may ask your guests in advance to create ideas, bring props rehearse poses that may intrigue, be memorable or simply fun. And to enable them to spark the creativity within themselves, we suggest viewing our examples on the gallery below. The final image visually defines the set-up, by showing Andrew at work in the studio. The greater the anticipation and personal rehearsal prior the event, the finer the results!

Suffolk Wedding Studio tales

On one occasion, I set up the ‘studio’ well away from Suffolk, in The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane. I was soon confronted with a very distasteful individual, not only a show off, but rude and loutish. He was hell bent on upsetting me, rather like diners who pick on a waiter knowing they can’t answer back. I however, kept my cool and maintained my professional stance. Every time he came up with his friends for a studio portrait, I was subjected to his vitriol. However, when positioning his groups, I always asked him to stand on the right as it suited the composition. What he didn’t realise was that I positioned him purposely to cut him entirely out of the images on every occasion! Knowing this, I happily took his abusive behaviour on the chin. Having completed many hours of post production, I providing the bride with all the wedding photography. The next day she called to say she was absolutely delighted with the wedding photography. And then she mentioned the ‘missing element’, that being our vile guest. Apparently, after all the images were emailed to all the guests, he discovered his pictorial absence. I explained why he was excluded to my client and she congratulated me on my subtle process of revenge. She called again, having spoken to him, and apparently he didn’t have a great deal to say…who knows, even this neandertal may yet evolve!

Another story, involving the wedding studio set up, amused me immensely and involved a very free spirited young lady. As I was photographing away, the young lady approached the studio and asked for her portrait to be taken. And naturally I agreed. She paused and proclaimed that she had just had a breast enhancement operation. I wasn’t exactly sure what to say and didn’t know why she wanted me to know. Then it all became very apparent, as the young lady with her recently enhanced breasts, proceeded to take her clothes off. Just to ensure everyone present appreciated the work, she had used lipstick to write in large writing the cost involved…£3,000!

Advice and experiences

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wedding studio suffolk

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