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Wedding prices

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Wedding photography prices can pretty much be any figure. However, how much you could or should spend, as well as what to expect for your budget, are highly variable. Here we explain wedding photography prices as well as wedding photographer perceptions. One point that should be understood, is that the ’Wedding shoot’ is only a part of any photographer’s work. As much time and invariably far more, is spent on picture editing and post-production, following the event.

Wedding photography prices

So if you put your Suffolk wedding photography in the hands of a student photographer, then perhaps a very token fee of around £500 is applicable. More than likely they have commendable enthusiasm, being keen to increase their portfolio and experience. However, it should be seriously considered that this may be a high risk, cost-cutting manoeuvre.

If you move up a level to a semi-professional photographer with perhaps a little more experience and a few good shots, then wedding photography prices should be charged around the £750 mark. This can still be a high risk commission, yes money saving, but fraught with potential flaws.

Once you are into the ‘up and coming’ photographer level, then a fee of around £1,000 would be applicable. Perhaps safer, but don’t expect much beyond the clichéd.

Next you may be targeting good competent work, safer but may lack flair. For this you may be facing wedding photography prices of around £1,500.

Moving up the ladder and into our level of expertise, you would expect to receive a far higher level of consistently good photography, with a defined style running throughout. And of course, we are a duo with excellent experience, both within the wedding scenario and photography generally. And for this you might expect to pay a minimum of £1,950.

After that anything is possible in terms of celebrity wedding photography prices and what you might confidently expect to gain. Quality, flair, safety and of course experience are all elements that are critical to a wonderful wedding portfolio. And as someone once wisely observed and it might have been me: “You’ll appreciate the quality, long after you’ve forgotten the bill!”

Advice and experiences

A number of years ago, my photo partner Andrew Florides was commissioned to do a two day fashion shoot in Knightsbridge. The renowned Bermuda based clothes designer, rented a house with models hired from the much acclaimed ‘Storm Agency’. The house was filled with quite an entourage from the fashion world. Andrew set up a large backdrop with several studio lights and took a few test shots with the models. The owner of the company was delighted with the first test shots and after seeing another batch of images, said she would like to give Andrew some advice. Expecting feedback from the day’s shoot, she proceeded to critique his website: “Andrew darling, you must remove your wedding images from your site, if you want to be considered a serious photographer”. Andrew was taken aback with this and asked: “Why?” She then lit his fuse by saying: “Anyone can be a wedding photographer”.

Andrew then responded with: “I beg to differ and the best way I can explain myself, is by referring to our fashion shoot. Look around us, there is a controlled studio lighting rig, where we have tested the results and it’s a constant. Also, there are plenty of staff around all focused on making our fashion shoot a successful one. In direct contrast, weddings are full of variables. Different lighting conditions, unfamiliar locations, changing characters all expectant and within a thoroughly ruthless schedule. Additionally, you are being hired by people who are likely to be employing a professional photographer for the first time. Unlike this fashion shoot, there are no opportunities to reshoot, so the photographer must really know his camera well. On top of this, one must coordinate sometimes several hundred wedding guests, whilst the venue caterers are breathing down your neck. From arriving at the bride’s home to sitting down at the reception, the work load is relentless, sometimes going on to 2 or 3am. Then after the wedding the topic of conversation is usually how everyone is looking forward to seeing the results, the memories. A giant responsibility. Isn’t it ironic that the hardest and most skilful work on my website, is the one you wish me to remove. The fashion shoot is ‘a walk in the park’ compared to a wedding photographer providing excellence, for his clients.” There followed a silence that rarely can have been so articulate. It was a ‘touché’ moment on a grand scale and on behalf of all belittled wedding photographers everywhere.

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Suffolk Wedding Photographer
Suffolk Wedding Photographer

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