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Wedding preparation

Aisle altar hymn!

As wedding photography is so demanding an art, I have teamed up with specialist wedding photographer and friend Andrew Florides. Generally when we arrive for the wedding preparation photography, we never know precisely what to expect. It could be total chaos, calm serenity, or more often a combination of the two. However, this is our opportunity to demonstrate our professionalism, as wedding photographers, so putting our clients at ease. From years of experience, we scan the location for best natural light photo opportunities and avoid unsightly areas. If a wedding make-up artist or wedding hairdresser is in operation, we may politely suggest a more photographic scenario. Once the wedding make-up and hairdresser have finished, there’s usually a small window in time to take portraits. ‘Wedding preparation Suffolk’, who would believe the pandemonium behind the scenes? However, Andrew has been photographing Suffolk weddings for many years, and unsurprisingly has extraordinary stories of bridal preparation to tell:

Tales of Wedding preparation Suffolk

“I have witnessed the mother of the bride, unbelievably begging her daughter during her prep, to cancel the wedding. As I was both unrelated and outraged by her behaviour, it fell on me to ask her to leave. Somewhat relieved, the bride later thanked me profusely and the couple are still married today.

There is the beautiful story of a ‘father of the bride’ who had just purchased a brand new Bentley. And I in sharp contrast, had a Ford Escort that was in a fairly disgraceful condition. I actually made an effort to park it away from the Bride’s home, so nobody would notice it. Cometh the hour, the ‘father’ put his hand in his pocket and realised his wife had taken the keys. In desperation, they turned to me and asked if I could take them to the glorious suffolk wedding venue! So from a luxurious Bentley, the bride and her farther got into my scrap heap. All anticipated the Bentley, but as the wedding party stood outside the grounds, in I drove. Opening the doors in chauffeur style, I delivered the bride in the most conspicuous manner possible.

And on another occasion, a very mischievous bride, sent me knowingly to a room with five totally naked bridesmaids. This amused her no end, but hey, just one of the sacrifices I have had to make”. Wedding preparation suffolk, there’s nothing like it!”

Advice and experiences

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Wedding preparation suffolk

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Wedding preparation suffolk

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Wedding preparation suffolk

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