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Beauty defined

Museum photography
Annabel last week kindly showed the ‘Chelsea Art’s Club’, my ‘home’ in London, the memoir of Auguste Rodin, which was written by her great uncle, Anthony Ludovici, who was for some years the great man’s private secretary. I enjoyed this passage:

“Rodin was 66 years of age when I joined him, and yet his enthusiasm at the sight of beauty in any form was still as fresh and vigorous as that of a youth at his first initiation. Indeed, I was frequently bewildered by the intensity of his outbursts whenever he was confronted with anything that stirred his artist’s soul; and these exhibitions of childlike rapture continued to baffle me, until I realised that it was precisely this capacity to feel as acutely as he did, and to respond freshly and powerfully, in spite of advancing years, to the beauty and harmony of life and arts, which constitutes the truly artistic temperament.”

by Roland Blunk, photo by Anon

Roland Blunk
I have been privileged in being commissioned by so many influential clients throughout my career, that I feel looking back, I was either extremely fortunate, too cheap or just in the right place at the right time! Having come of age before the computer, the possibilities for visual expression now seem almost magical, as we live our lives together with daily miracles and wonderment. I studied Art and Design in the mid sixties at what was then Hornsey College of Art, London. Life, after a series of drab boarding schools, was exciting to say the least. Jimmy Hendrix played upstairs at the Manor House pub, James Brown at Cook's Ferry Inn and Charlie Mingus at Ronnie Scott's, to name a few that added to the local distractions. Design and photography were skills learnt in their original pre-digital form. Slow, sometimes laborious, but wonderfully rewarding. My design clients have included: The Arts Council The British Tourist Authority The Institute of Contemporary Arts Arista Records The Manchester City Art Galleries The Design Council The BBC The National Portrait Gallery The Guardian Eversheds Solicitors The British Council The Opera Babes The Royal Shakespeare Company The V&A Museum Her Majesty's Stationery Office Island Records The Institute of Chartered Accountants Visnews Hoeseasons Holidays The Scottish Development Agency Sotogrande Haymarket Publications The Crafts Council I have lectured in design at major art schools in Great Britain and my work has been reproduced in the Swiss publication 'Graphis' annual, The 'Designers & Art Directors' annual and 'Modern Publicity' annual.